Climate-Friendly Mobility

Sustainability at Sono Motors

Our Mission: Climate-Friendly Mobility

We want to establish smart electric mobility and sharing on a large scale in order to make a significant contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions. In order to protect the environment and the resources of our planet, vehicle production volumes have to be reduced – significantly, permanently, and globally.

The Sion – Our Climate-Friendly Car

We use the potential of the sun! Modern design meets full-surface solar integration to capture every ray of sunlight and charge the battery in an environmentally friendly way. The Sion is a spacious electric car with a range of up to 255 kilometres that charges itself via the energy of the sun.

Draw, Store and Share Energy

Thanks to the technology of bidirectional charging, the Sion can not only draw and store the solar power it produces, but share it again. This means that all common electronic devices, but also other electric cars and also high-voltage devices can benefit from the Sion's solar energy. In combination with Sono Solar, the Sion becomes an environmentally friendly power plant and makes you less dependent on the power socket.

Mobility to Share – Our Sharing Offers

The Sono app combines three sharing concepts in one vehicle: power sharing, ride pooling and car sharing. With your smartphone, you can offer other people power, a ride or your Sion as a rental car. In this way, the Sion not only becomes a sustainable alternative for you, but also offers others the opportunity to move from A to B in a more sustainable way.

Our Manufacturing: Climate-Friendly, Resource-Saving and Fair

Setting up a new production facility requires a lot of time, resources, costs and expertise. With the objective of sustainable production in mind, we decided to use existing resources and produce the Sion with an experienced partner. The Sion is manufactured in Trollhättan, Sweden. By NEVS, a strong partner with a strong vision. The former SAAB plant will be used - powered by 100% renewable energy.

Our Responsibility: Fair Conditions for Our Batteries

If we talk about a sustainable future, we also have to talk about the batteries used in the Sion, the cobalt required for them and the mining conditions. We see it as our responsibility to ensure improvements in the supply chain and have therefore already anchored the topics of environmental protection and social justice in our purchasing conditions and joined the Fair Cobalt Alliance.


Become A Pioneer

We want sustainable mobility for everyone. That’s why we develop the Sion. The innovative Solar Electric Vehicle, significantly enabled by people who believe in us.