How We Work

Who We Are

We are a very colorful mixture of people: experienced and beginners, german and international experts, tie and hoodie lovers. We all agree that we burn for what Sono Motors stands for. And want to make the world a better place with our work. Due to our size, the work of each individual has a great influence on our success.

Our Vision

Together we are working to combine a new technology with a new way of thinking – the best of electromobility, solar energy and shared economy. For ourselves, our neighbours and above all for our planet. Because it's high time!

The Founders

Our three founders followed their vision without thinking whether it was possible. And to this day they push the limits further and further. They rely on the skills of their entire team and demand active contribution of their own ideas – even if they sometimes seem daring. Every employee can propose projects and, if possible, implement them. In 2018, six new topics were tackled, ranging from a new technology for integrating solar cells into the Sion to internal booksharing.

Our Community

We are supported by a large community of reservers, fans and supporters. These people believe in our idea of a particularly sustainable electric car and its many uses. For them, it's not just about the new technology but also about the sense and nonsense of using our resources. Which company receives love letters, self-composed Sion songs and organic chocolate in rough quantities from company fans for motivation?


We know we can't change the world on our own. But we also know that we have a good chance with the best partners. That's why we carefully select the technology leaders we want to work with. It is particularly important for us to be able to grow with them – and challenge them at the same time. This is why we are also raising awareness among our partners for humane and environmentally friendly development and production.

Our Way of Working

Our offices are also very Sono Motors: functional, refurbished, simple, comfortable, communicative, green, paperless. We work for example with Google, Slack, and Trello. In Munich we are close to the technological pulse, the workers' market and the train station, but also to alpine pastures, ski slopes, seascapes and the Oktoberfest.

Learning From Mistakes

Despite a structured induction phase, we like to throw our colleagues in the deep end. Because we trust them a lot and let them do it. Mistakes can and should be made – as long as they are shared with others and thus used sensibly. Every week we report on situations that could have been mastered better. Hence, we always learn from and with each other.

Team Spirit

Since we all have similar values, it is easy for us to eat, drink, laugh or do sports together. Therefore we communicate openly and without reservations. What counts are results not presence – we trust in the motivation and performance of the individual and leave plenty of room for manoeuvre – but also leave nobody alone when things get too much.


Of course, we are a young company and cannot or do not want to compete with the salaries of decades-old automobile manufacturers. But there is no question that we pay in line with the market, also with regard to the cost of living in Munich. In addition, we have a transparent, fair and structured salary policy that takes into account professional and management experience as well as social circumstances (children, caring for relatives, etc.). And: there is no gap between departments or genders.

Your Application …

… suits us when …

  • The purpose of your work is more important to you than negotiations about title and salary and you are aware of your influence on the environment.
  • You are a loose and communicative type who appreciates teamwork and leaves his elbows on the armrest.

… maybe doesn't make so much sense when …

  • You are rather the 9:00 am – 5:00 pm type, you define yourself by your salary and title, you like to push through your opinion against all resistance and environmental aspects are basically unimportant to you.