News from Production: Prototypes Are Taking Shape

By Sono Motors

29th October 2020

After three years, over 15,000 test drives in more than 50 cities and around 40,000 kilometers on the clock, we are sending the first generation of prototypes into retirement. Until the new prototypes are presented, test drives are no longer possible. To shorten the waiting time a little bit, we want to report on the current state of production of our prototypes. Already in a few weeks the new generation will see the light of day. 

Some weeks ago, we finished the digital development of the prototypes. The delivery of the prototype parts has also been checked off. These first, essential steps of production were already completed. 
Meanwhile the "Body in White" was also finished. In automotive engineering, this is what the basic construction of the body, i.e. the frame, is called. The Body in White of the next generation of prototypes is fully welded and treated with a corrosion protection, so that the vehicle is protected from rust and other environmental influences. 

The Body in White of one of the prototypes in the factory in Roding

Following this preparatory work, all mounting holes were drilled at the points determined in the CAD in order to be able to attach sheet metal holders to the frame. These are used, for example, for components such as control units or valves and pumps from the thermal system, which are currently being assembled. Other central attachment points, such as frame to seat or frame to engine, were integrated into the frame during the manufacturing process of the Body in White. 

Discussion about the prototype with our partners from Roding

The engine as well as the wiring harness, which has been extensively tested and validated on our test benches in recent weeks, are also currently being integrated.

The wire harness from one of the prototypes on the test bench

The next step is the installation of further components. These include, for example, the complete chassis, i.e. the front and rear axles, the pedals, brake boosters, the battery, the steering column, and a 12V battery.
The body parts with integrated solar cells, the so-called PV body panels, will not be attached to the vehicle for several weeks. This step is one of the last in the production process.

Examination of the PV Body Panels

After assembling all the individual parts, the complete vehicle must still be put into operation. This will also be an exciting step and an important milestone for the completion of the prototypes.
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